cellular analysis mapping programCell phone record mapping has become increasingly popular in investigations. That’s because mobile phones are now an integral part of society, and many people use this device to record their day-to-day activities. By analyzing and creating maps of cell phone activity, law enforcement officers are able to reveal data that may be useful in various situations.

Latro Services is a provider of cell phone record mapping services and a leader in telecommunications fraud investigations. Based in the United States, our cellular forensics laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge extraction technology, which allows our analysts to pull and decipher even the most complex cellular data.

If innovative cell phone record mapping is what you need, turn to us. Our staff is highly experienced in executing professional cell phone record mapping. Using our technology, we can extract data that may serve as evidence in a court case or a tool in piecing events together.

What Is Cell Phone Record Mapping?

Cell phone record mapping is the process wherein phone records, usually communication data, are extracted for analysis. Useful in verifying claims about a crime or accident scene, cell phone record mapping is often employed by law enforcement to uncover important bits of information.

For instance, analysts can use cell phone record mapping to track the location of a stolen phone. At the same time, cell phone record mapping may be used to get a footprint of a victim or suspect’s mobile phone usage. Discover some more info on cell phone record mapping here: https://www.forensicmag.com/product-release/2013/01/cell-site-analysis-and-mapping-0.

Cell phone record mapping can be an exceptional instrument in solving a crime. On some occasions, the data collected through cell phone record mapping may not be enough to identify a suspect or locate an object or victim. Regardless, the gathered information can still be used to determine the events leading up to a crime or accident.

Where Can Cell Phone Record Mapping Be Used?

Utilizing advanced systems, cell phone record mapping provides access to data that may help hold someone responsible for a criminal activity. Cell phone record mapping can also assist a person in making better decisions.

Cell phone record mapping can aid criminal case investigations.
Through cell phone record mapping, investigators may obtain forensic cell tower data. This information can be used to determine the location of parties involved in a criminal case. For example, data recovered through cell phone record mapping may prove or disprove that a defendant was in the area of a crime.

Cell phone record mapping can be used in revealing covert activities. Hidden accounts or assets in communications can be retrieved through cell phone record mapping. With cell phone record mapping, investigators may be able to reveal if someone is performing covert activities. The findings may then help the people acquainted or involved with that person in making choices that concern him or her.

Why Choose Our Cell Phone Record Mapping Services?

The market has countless cell phone forensics services to offer, but here’s why you’ll benefit from working with us:

  • We have a skilled cell phone record mapping team.

Our specialized team is trained to navigate the complexities of cell phone record mapping. If you work with us, you’ll be using our invaluable experience to your advantage. You’ll also reap the benefits of our serious investment in telecom research and development.

We continuously innovate our cell phone record mapping solution.
At Latro Services, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve. We constantly envision ways to achieve growth and longevity for our company. At the same time, we work hard to make sure that our clients are getting their money’s worth.

Step Up Your Cell Phone Record Mapping Game

If you’re searching for a reliable telecom fraud detection and elimination company, look no further than Latro Services. Our staff is dedicated to providing cell phone forensics service that’s unmatched anywhere else. We also have the resources to perform pre-call detection, which only few businesses in the industry can execute. Contact us today to learn more about our cell phone record mapping solutions.

Your Partner Against Telecom Fraud

Latro Services, which started in 2012, is a worldwide leader in telecommunications fraud investigations. Our Cellular Forensics Laboratory located in the USA utilizes cutting-edge extraction technology that allows our analysts to break down complex data from various cellular devices.

Our proprietary technology helps telecommunications operators identify and locate fraud. The solutions we offer are applicable to all GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and LTE wireless communications networks. We are also the only provider equipped with pre-call detection capabilities.

About Tom Beiser

Tom Beiser, a former police detective, has over a decade of experience in cell phone forensics and records analysis. He holds certifications from Cellebrite, and is a member of the following:

  • US Federal Electronic Crimes Task Force
  • Communication Fraud Control Association (CFCA)
  • Global System for Mobile Communication Association (GSMA)

Who Can Use Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phone forensics offers various benefits for individuals, private investigators, law enforcers, and related agencies. Here are some applications of cell phone forensics:

  • Consumers

Our company can protect your devices from spyware and malware, which can be used to steal information from you. We use the Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) to search, detect, and eliminate unwanted software.

  • Business

Private companies conducting internal investigations to address data breach can reach out to us for support. With our assistance, stolen vital information such as proprietary formulas, trade secrets, and client lists can be retrieved before it is leaked.

Latro Services utilizes Cellebrite UFED to perform forensic exams on your company-provided devices. Our solutions can retrieve information from devices and help companies with internal investigations.

  • Legal

Our company has certified forensics specialists who can examine mobile phones and provide a detailed report that can be used for legal proceedings. We can also be employed as expert witnesses and offer our opinion in court.

  • Law Enforcement

The solutions we provide can help with criminal investigations. We can extract data and get vital information concerning location and communication.

Why Hire Us?

Latro Services is dedicated to helping our clients gather evidence through state-of-the-art solutions. Apart from our extensive experience, here are other reasons why you should choose us over other providers:

  • Specialized Team

Our team of fraud analysts and project managers has extensive experience in the business. They can maximize your investment and make sure you get the best out of our services. To ensure the success of a project, our staff will work closely with your organization every step of the way.

  • Proprietary Technology

Latro Services invests in research and development to help our clients prevent telecommunications fraud. We also have advanced equipment to identify and locate fraud. Our company can detect the latest SIM Servers and SIM Box systems to avoid revenue loss.

  • Worldwide Deployment

Our team has collaborated with clients from various backgrounds over the years. We have reached more than 23 countries and 40 operators and telecommunications regulators.

  • Continuous Innovation

To stay ahead in forensics investigations, we continuously look at issues affecting clients and find solutions for these problems. By understanding their situation, we can better prepare for future challenges.

  • Tools and Products

Apart from cell phone forensics, we offer products that are designed to help you prevent telecommunications fraud. Talk to us to learn which product works best for:

  • Advanced Analytics for Fraud
  • Radio Frequency Fraud Investigations
  • Protocol Signaling and Packet Network Probe
  • Test Call Services

Managed Services

For a complete solution to network fraud, we offer different services with immediate results. Keep your network safe and maximize your investment with the following:

  • Comprehensive SIM Box Bypass Fraud Control
  • Geolocation Based Investigations
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Infrastructure
  • Technical Services (Consulting)
  • Regulatory Enforcement Support
  • RF Spectrum Monitoring and Management

Contact Us

Need help with telecom fraud? Trust only Latro Services. Get in touch with us at (610) 438-4825 or info@latroservices.com to learn more about what we offer.

We are located in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, USA. Our company also has support centers in Dubai, Rabat, Amman, Kabul, and Colombo. We look forward to serving you.