How Can A Cellphone Forensic Investigator Help?

Do you need the services of a cellphone forensic investigator?  Mobile phones are an integral part of modern life, and almost everyone carries some type of mobile phone. These devices not only afford us with a great deal of convenience, but they also act as a digital footprint for online activities and physical location. A cellphone forensic investigator can recover lost data, compile tracking information, and perform forensic analysis on mobile devices to assist in various legal situations:

  • Civil lawsuits. Have you recently had a car accident with a driver who was texting behind the wheel? Do you have evidence pertinent to a forthcoming civil lawsuit stuck on a bricked cellphone? A cellphone forensic investigator can be invaluable to anyone involved in a civil lawsuit, helping to not only locate and preserve important data, but also to sift through large amounts of data to find specific information in a fraction of the time it would take someone else.
  • Criminal cases. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab regularly works with law enforcement agencies and offices all over the country. While most modern forensics labs excel at handling physical evidence, few forensics labs have access to the latest technology for handling complex digital forensics issues. A cellphone forensic investigator can use mobile data, even from a phone that has been “factory reset.” In some cases, they are able to assist law enforcement and prosecutors in cracking down on telecommunications fraud and related crimes. Cellphone records can also help the police track human trafficking, gang activity, and drug smuggling operations.
  • LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab also works with attorneys and private investigators on a regular basis. These parties often require the latest tools and methods to extract cellphone data and compile useful records to assist in their investigations.
  • Our cellphone forensics experts offer public speaking sessions to criminal justice programs and courses covering criminal law, criminal justice ethics, criminology, and introductory criminal justice courses.

These are just a few examples of how LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab can assist with complex legal affairs. Our cellphone forensic investigators know how to use the latest technologies to manipulate data, recover lost data, compile data patterns, and analyze trends to uncover illegal activity and protect innocent people from exploitation. 

When to Call a Cellphone Forensic Investigator

Cellphone forensics are useful in many more situations than most people realize:

  • Recovering lost data. Just because your phone won’t turn on anymore doesn’t mean the data inside isn’t recoverable. A cellphone forensic investigator from LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab has access to the most cutting-edge technology to recover lost data from severely damaged and bricked devices.
  • Compiling data records. Do you need specific data extracted from a device with a loaded hard drive? Sorting through dense data for specific bits of information can be tedious and difficult without the right tools, and a cellphone forensic investigator can handle these tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Creating digital footprints. Have you been accused of a crime and need to corroborate your alibi? Your mobile device could have exculpatory data on it, and LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab can help you find it. Cellphones track and store much more data than most users realize. Our investigators can find exactly what you and your legal team need.

These are only a few examples of how LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab assists our clients. If you need help recovering data from a mobile device or need help with any type of legal investigation involving cellular devices, contact us today to learn more about how a cellphone forensic investigator can help.

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