Mobile Phone Forensics In Modern Criminal Investigation

Mobile phone forensics are a crucial component of the modern criminal justice system. Mobile technology has reshaped communication, commerce, and social interaction in countless ways. While this technology has enabled faster, more accessible communication, easy financial management, entertainment, and various other benefits, mobile devices are also vulnerabilities and commonly used as tools for illegal activity. Mobile phone forensics can help identify telecommunications fraud and other types of criminal activity.

Mobile Phone Forensics Services from LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab

While most people use their mobile devices as phones, entertainment devices, and tools for banking, shopping, and organizing, others use them to commit various crimes, including: 

  • Identity theft prevention. If a user loses a device or someone steals it, the next user can extract personal information from the previous user, including things like the previous user’s Social Security number, banking details, and personal contacts.
  • Fraud investigations. Every type of fraud leaves some kind of paper trail, despite fraudsters’ best efforts to cover their digital tracks. Mobile phone forensics can uncover deleted data, collate specific data points to form trends for analysis, and corroborate other evidence in active fraud investigations.
  • Infidelity investigations. Mobile phone forensics have an undeniable place in the modern criminal justice system, but may also come into play in civil suits between private citizens. Mobile technology has made it easier for some people to cheat on their significant others, and mobile phone analysis has played pivotal roles in countless divorce proceedings throughout the country. Mobile phone forensics can prove infidelity and even come into play during divorce and child custody proceedings.
  • Data extraction. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab can ensure a device has been completely wiped of all sensitive data. Even if you reset a mobile device to factory settings, the device will still contain traces of the previous user’s actions with the device. Data extraction is one of the best tools to prevent identity theft.
  • Uncovering criminal activity. Throughout recent years, cell phone data and mobile phone forensics have helped uncover human trafficking rings, drug smuggling networks, child abuse, and countless other criminal actions.

These aren’t the only ways mobile phone forensics can help people. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab is a world leader in telecommunications fraud investigation. Our team consistently researches new security threats and device vulnerabilities that could impact our clients so that we can provide consistent protection.

Who Can Mobile Phone Forensics Help?

LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab regularly works with various types of clients:

  • Consumers.
  • Educators.
  • Law enforcement.
  • Government agencies.
  • Businesses
  • Attorneys
  • Private Investigators.

Our team can handle the most complicated mobile device investigations. Whether you need to extract data from a damaged device or collate data points from various devices for use in an active criminal investigation, LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab can help. We train every one of our analysts and investigators using the latest software and technology to ensure we can handle complicated projects with the latest devices.

If you require any type of mobile phone forensics, LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab can assist you with detailed analysis, report generation, and comprehensive extraction reports for countless varieties of mobile devices. We stay up to date with the latest news concerning malware, cybersecurity threats, and digital safety and routinely work with state and federal law enforcement to keep our clients and the public safe. If you have any need for mobile phone forensics for personal, business, or legal purposes, contact LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab today for more information about our services.

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