Understanding The Value Of Professional Mobile Phone Analysis

Do you know what mobile phone analysis entails? The average American adult uses some type of mobile device every day, but most users are unaware of how much data their devices collect and store. Some mobile device users may lose important personal data, download malware through their mobile browsers, or experience other mobile device difficulties that require through investigation. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab can help with the most extensive mobile phone analysis projects, like:

  • Criminal investigations. We regularly work with law enforcement departments and government agencies to assist with telecommunications fraud investigations and other criminal matters. Cell phone data can be invaluable to many criminal investigations. Mobile phone analysis can help extract useful data from virtually any mobile device, even a damaged or wiped phone.
  • Civil investigations. Did you recently have a car accident and believe the other driver was irresponsibly using a cell phone behind the wheel> Mobile phone analysis can match up time signatures with mobile phone usage and compare it to collision times to help establish liability for car accidents. A cell phone investigator can also use mobile data to help spouses investigate infidelity and solve other civil issues.
  • Legal proceedings. Many attorneys come to us for help with mobile phone analysis. Some of them need records collated in a simple, easy-to-read format while others need assistance tracking down specific pieces of information or identifying data trends. Our legal reports are integral pieces of evidence in many civil and criminal cases throughout the country.
  • Business operations. Countless companies in the U.S. offer various mobile-based services, from ecommerce and games to coupon and social media apps. Companies use data from different sources in various ways. Our mobile phone analysis services can help business leaders identify valuable information, compile data trends to inform product and service development, and identify consumer trends on social media.
  • Child safety. Many children and teens carry their own mobile devices, and while this can help keep them safe and provide them with a means of communication in an emergency, mobile devices can also be a liability. Mobile phone analysis has helped protect children from predators, human trafficking schemes, and abusive groomers in various ways. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab can work with parents and law enforcement officers to identify potential threats to children and monitor their digital interactions.
  • Preventing Fraud. Mobile technology is ubiquitous in the modern world, and many individuals use mobile devices to commit various types of fraud. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab is a world leader in telecommunications fraud investigation, and mobile phone analysis plays a crucial role in detecting and preventing various types of fraud.

These are only a few examples of how valuable mobile phone analysis can be to various individuals and organizations. Mobile technology has reshaped modern culture, business, and commerce. While the convenience mobile devices afford is undeniable, they also present significant liabilities. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab uses cutting-edge technology and the latest methods to perform rigorous, detailed mobile phone analysis for our clients. Unlike other firms promising similar services, our investigators and analysts are constantly researching new security threats and data trends to protect our clients.

Have you encountered any type of legal situation involving mobile devices? Do you have crucial evidence stuck in a damaged phone that you cannot recover? Does your attorney need to have your phone professionally analyzed for an active case? LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab can assist with these and many other mobile device issues. Contact us today to learn more about mobile phone analysis and how it might help your situation.

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