When You Need A Cell Phone Expert

You use a mobile phone every day, but do you really consider yourself a cell phone expert? Mobile technology affords us with incredible convenience and ease of communication, but the science behind it is complicated and difficult to navigate for the average person. Most people know how to use their phone but have little to no understanding of how it actually works or the processes behind data transfers.

Most cell phones track and store more data than users realize; any of this data could be invaluable in certain situations. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab offers a range of services to help our clients handle various complex data issues with their mobile devices, including:

  • Cellular Record Mapping. Your mobile device tracks much more data than you likely realize. A cell phone can essentially create a digital map of the user’s activities. A cell phone expert from LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab can locate mapping data and create a detailed record of a user’s activities, both online and offline in some cases, thanks to GPS data and location tracking. These data points combined with a phone user’s financial records and “paper trails” can help establish or disprove an alibi, place an individual at the scene of a crime or an accident, or confirm specific actions taken with a cellular device.
  • Cell Phone Record Analysis. Photos, conversations, private messages, emails, and all other communications that go through a mobile device form a record. When an individual commits any type of telecommunications fraud, there is almost always some type of digital signature. A cell phone expert can analyze a device’s records and communications to assist with civil lawsuits and criminal investigations.
  • Cell Phone Forensics. Mobile devices are a staple of modern life and therefore have become very common elements of many criminal investigations. Cell phone data could potentially prove a suspect’s guilt or innocence, and location data could potentially establish or disprove an alibi. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab is a world leader in telecommunications fraud investigation.
  • Data Extraction. Do you have an old mobile device and want to ensure none of your information remains on it once you sell it or get rid of it? Even if you perform a reset back to factory defaults, some of your data could still remain accessible for the device’s next user. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab offers comprehensive data extraction services to completely remove user data and compromising information from a device.
  • Device Recovery. Mobile devices offer tremendous convenience, but they are also something of a liability. Losing your mobile device due to misplacement or physical damage can be a major issue depending on the type of information you keep on your mobile device and how often you use it. A cell phone expert can help locate a missing device using various tracking tools or even recover data from a damaged phone.

This is not an exhaustive list of the ways a cell phone expert can be a fantastic asset, especially during criminal investigations. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab is a world leader in telecommunications fraud investigation, and our cell phone experts can help piece together the most complex digital trails and help compile evidence for use in active investigations.

We don’t only help law enforcement officers and attorneys. We also provide consumer services to help investigate issues like infidelity, children’s digital safety, and personal data recovery. If you need a cell phone expert to help with any data-related issue, contact LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab to learn more how our cell phone experts can help.

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