Who Needs a Cellphone Forensics Expert?

A cellphone forensics expert could be a tremendous asset. Mobile phones have become a staple of modern life, and virtually every adult and most children in the United States have mobile phones of some kind. These devices offer much more than just convenient communication and helpful applications; they also create a digital footprint for every user. A cellphone forensics expert could be instrumental in solving crimes, locating missing people, or recovering data from a compromised or damaged phone.

 Types Of Work Done By A Cellphone Forensics Expert

LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab regularly works with law enforcement officers, parents, consumers, private investigators, attorneys, schools, and businesses. These parties may have very different reasons for contacting a cellphone forensics expert, but the services LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab provides are invaluable to all of them.

  • A cellphone forensics expert can recover data from a phone after a child mistakenly wipes the phone with incorrect password attempts or the phone suffers some types of physical damage.
  • LATRO processes help us recreate digital record maps that can be invaluable evidence during legal matters like police investigations and lawsuits. For example, a cellphone forensics expert could potentially use mobile phone data to help verify a suspect’s alibi in a criminal investigation.
  • Cellphone forensics experts can compile and sort through mobile phone data to find crucial records, photos, timestamps, messages, and other information. Sorting through this data and arranging it in a coherent way is just one way a cellphone forensics expert can assist with a criminal investigation or help a parent check on a child’s digital interactions.
  • Parents can protect their children from predators and hackers by periodically checking in on their digital interactions, data transfers, and communications with other devices.
  • LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab also offers mobile phone data extraction, which ensures an old device retains no sensitive information from the previous user. Even when a user resets a phone to “factory settings,” various avenues still exist for someone else to pull useful and compromising information from a mobile phone, such as the previous owner’s personal information and payment details. This prevents the next owner of the phone from using any of the previous owner’s data.

These are just a few examples of how a cellphone forensics expert could potentially help with data-related issues on a cellular device. While these processes would be very difficult for the average person who does not have access to the latest phone security technologies, LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab can handle them easily.

Why Choose LATRO as Your Cellphone Forensics Expert?

Mobile technology is a staple of modern life, and many companies offer cybersecurity and other services rooted in mobile technology. However, few of these companies have the level of experience and cutting-edge technology required to extract data, map phone records, and assess data patterns like LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab.

LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab is one of the leading investigators of telecommunications fraud in the world. Our cellphone forensics experts are not only familiar with the latest mobile security technology and data manipulation tools, but we also actively search for potential new threats to our clients and their data.

A cellphone forensics expert can help in many ways, including assistance with civil and criminal lawsuits and helping recover data you thought was completely lost. LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab has a strong reputation thanks to our commitment to helping clients maintain digital security and extract the data they need. If you need the services of a cellphone forensics expert, contact LATRO Cellular Forensics Lab today.

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